George L. Heredia (a.k.a. GeoZero) is a Cuban born musician, BMI songwriter, filmmaker, and writer.  During the mid-1980's to mid/late 1990's he played in several bands as well as fronted several Los Angeles based groups (notably Panic!, Year Zero, and Panic Underground).  These groups had several local musicians join and leave with the band name changes made to distinguish different incarnations of the bands.  He also played guitar for Conflict and recorded  keyboards for the metal group Stranger's Kiss.


In 2000 he released a 12 song CD titled Panic Underground- Finally, which showcased older recordings of the various bands, as well as several solo career tracks.  GeoZero is currently remixing what will be a new CD slated for 2017 titled GEOZERO - Decade, Decadence, & Decay. 

Since 2006 he has worked on films and written many screenplays, some which he produced and directed into short films.  In 2015 he wrote, produced and directed his feature directorial debut titled BODY HARVEST, which had additional post production work done throughout 2016 and is slated to be completed and released in 2017.